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Réjean Poirier


and seminars offered

Harpsichord, organ, baroque chamber music, performance practice, continuo, harpsichord making

Samples of seminars already given:

J.S. Bach' Well-tempered Clavier

Advanced continuo

Symbolism in J.S. Bach's sacred music

Playing Bach at the piano


Graduated students



Beauséjour, Luc
Bélanger, Mylène
Soly, Geneviève
Todorovski, Catherine

Masters and DESS

Bélanger, Mylène
Bonenfant, Denis
Boucher, Martin
Boulva, Lysiane
Cauchy, Antoine-Hugo
Hollerbach, Ingrid
Kito, Nancy
Lagacé, Isolde (codirected by Mireille Lagacé)
Lapointe, Bibiane
Panneton, Hélène
Rogister-Thibault, Lydia
Saint-Pierre, Jean-Yves




April, Josée
Doran, Marc-André
Duran Hernandez, Aureliano Alejandro
Harnois, Marc-André (DEPA)
Jessen, Paul
Marcotte, Nicolas-Alexandre
Martin, Laurent
Reinhart, Erik
Roberge, Frédéric
Rousseau, Régis
Waterhouse, Benjamin


Harnois, Marc-André
Hunneault, Sylvain
Prud’homme, Patrick
Schantz, Julia